Silwood Nation’s ‘Limited Faith’ Is Glacial Drill At Its Best

What’s the best way to make yourself feel new in a scene like drill? It’s been one of the most frequent questions as we peek in on the scene time and time again, with no clear answer until one of these less highly regarded MCs or crews manages to blow up and become a well-known name outside of the bulk of the scene that’s overloading the soundclouds or the Youtube pages. Silwood Nation have been trying for some time to get themselves head and shoulders above the crowd, and their most recent single “Limited Faith” is most certainly an atypical record for the drill scene. Of course, the question has to be asked, just because it’s managed to stick out from the majority of the scene, is it a record you should feel pressed to check out?

“Limited Faith” features MCs A Miz and N.A. from the crew on verse and hook duty, to which they manage to do acceptably albeit rather nondescript. What makes the record particularly interesting is the slight raise in BPMs and brighter minor key melodies by producer ZVK, a less grim and haunting style that sounds like somewhere between an ambulance and an ice cream truck in it’s ear-snatching catchiness. Upon such a more up-tempo and shimmery track, the two MCs also opt for a much more strenuous series of double-time flows that demonstrate impeccable technique in lieu of the more rudimentary lyrical approaches. In this effort, “Limited Faith” shows that Silwood Nation are capable of doing much more than the average drill act when pressed into that position, and as such should definitely be kept an eye on while the scene treads forward at such a similarly rapid pace.

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June 14
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