SL Takes Valley Bopping To The Next Level

A three minute track of straight bars with no hook is not supposed to bang thirteen million views in two thousand and seventeen. That teenage rapper SL – a relative newcomer from Croydon, managed to do exactly that with what’s essentially a freestyle, speaks volumes to the popularity and infinitely quotable nature of ‘Gentleman’, his formal introduction to the game from earlier in the year, and the main reason for the hype surrounding new tune and video ‘Tropical’, released on Mixtape Madness.

Shot in a remote and incredibly picturesque part of Iceland by expert director Kaylum Dennis, the visuals which include a luxury villa, an expensive looking g wagon and some gorgeous drone work, are perhaps the crispest per pixel we’ve seen in the scene this year. We’re talking Mist levels of crisp here, everything in this video is white. SL obliges with a chorus this time round and it’s a beauty, a melodic sing songy dedication to tropical juice and tropical weed that’s delivered like a lullaby, matching the playful, almost Mario Kart-esque sounding instrumental about as well as his Air Max trainers match the brilliant 1444p snow. The boy (literally rumoured to be no older than 16) has appeared infrequently in the time since ‘Gentleman’ and this obvious banger; a guest verse for a VP member here, a remix there, but this tune is his next official single, and you get no points whatsoever for saying it’s gonna do crazy numbers, it’s obvious.
Words: Von Pif

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December 28
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