Sleazy F And Dripset Sauce All Over Schizoid Banger ‘Sprite’

Sleazy F Baby is an enigmatic MC from Manchester, who is set to do absolute bits – along with his crew Dripset – in 2018. Last year he gifted us with a heater after heater, in the form of ‘Let It Go’, ‘Drip’ and ‘Flair’, now he’s back with another one!

‘Sprite’, Sleazy’s latest single featuring KDon and Culps, features a dysotopian production, and gives Dripset the perfect platform to flow over; telling stories of pulling up and flexing in the cold north over a destructive bass and gothic synths. The video serves as a visual representation of their bars, with the squad dancing, dabbing and milly rocking on a Manny block.
Words: Denzil Bell
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February 3
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