Sneakbo Takes In The Good Life On ‘Living’

One of the most important names in the last decade of UK Road Rap, Sneakbo has managed pop crossover and delivering constant quality street tunes in ways many have attempted but a limited few until recently were able to accomplish with no resistance. Not nearly as many rappers have had his nimbleness of flows nor his insatiable personality and mystique. Of course, despite all the potential, it’s been a surprisingly dry period of musical output from Sneakbo until fairly recently with the release of his self-released debut album Brixton at the start of March. A surprise commercial success and a general return to form from the man who put ‘waviness’ on the map for England, his latest offering is the music video for the single “Living” a straight-forward track featuring Sneaky by himself with no guest accompaniment over a Lekaa Beats production.

Ironically, for an album that’s meant to represent Brixton, Sneakbo’s video for “Living” is comprised solely of footage from a recent visit to Los Angeles in America. While the US are less familiar with UK MCs outside of the grime scene, you can’t say that Sneakbo doesn’t look equally at home as he ventures from shooting ranges to strip clubs to the hills of Hollywood, having the time of his life. It’s one of those particularly amusing contradictions that more often than not in order to look like they’re living the life of most rappers, UK Rappers often have to find themselves somewhere out of the country (See; Mist & Mostack’s recent outings shot in Africa, any video by an MC shot in Ibiza over the decade, and so on.). Perhaps one day we’ll see Sneakbo repping the Brixton streets now that its become one of the centers of the rap community in England but for now, the jetsetter life seems to be suiting him quite fine.
Words: Maxwell Cavaseno

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March 28
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