‘Sweetest Escape’ Captures Taliwhoah Rising To The Top Of The Current R&B Crop

UK songstress Taliwhoah has released the visuals for Sweetest Escape, one of the six tracks featured on her laser sharp debut EP New Wave Order, Volume 1, a project made up of nostalgic R&B cuts with a modern twist.

Taliwhoah had a hand in the video’s direction alongside Director 411, and the singer does an excellent job of showing her more vulnerable side, with the keen visuals perfectly matching soul baring lyrics about losing yourself in an ethereal state of love. The video takes place in a lavish Barcelona hotel, and shows mesmerising shots of Taliwhoah and her cutting edge style, which mirrors the traditional aesthetic of the hotel’s architecture. Centred around the themes of intimacy and sensuality, Taliwhoah is extolling the virtues of her lover’s affection on this, being their “sweetest escape” as it were, and revelling in the freedom such a love can bring. See for yourself.
Words: Denzil Bell

New Wave Order, Vol 1 is available to stream/purchase on Spotify/iTunes

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February 12
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