Syer B Issues a Challenge to All Comers with “Cold Lyrics”

Of all the veteran grime MC’s who made a return back to the scene in 2015 as the genre’s 2nd wave of popularity was in full swing, Dagenham’s Syer B has been one of the most active, appearing on sets and making new music including a tape with fellow former OT Crew memeber Devlin,his new single “Cold Lyrics” the first off his forthcoming Fire X Frost project is one more fine addition to an already solid back catalogue.

The one time Roll Deep member and founder of OT Crew approaches the unusually meditative Filthy Gears beat as something of a showcase for his lyrical prowess but also his trademark stop/start flow.  The beat with its twitch melody and anchoring bass works as something of a canvas for Syer to command both his superiority over lesser MC’s but also as something of an exercise to see if he still retains the skills of his youth.

The fact that Syer B has remained active in grime despite what some may see as the genre being supplanted by listeners in favour of UK rap and afrobeats is a testament to both his dedication to the music but also his talents of which he still seeks to challenge himself, where as other MC’s would not. Here’s hoping Fire X Frost showcases the same level of daring.

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August 8
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