From London To The “BORDERS” Teddy Represents In Style

Teddy’s debut track “BORDERS” is appropriately named, as he represents many endz. Having been born and raised in London, he spent his teenage years between the border of France and Switzerland, before returning to the UK to start University in Hull. Upon going back to the “border” (between France & Switzerland) after Uni, he was inspired to rap by his childhood friend, Andy (Javvsword), who was constantly producing beats at the time, but had no MC to rap over them and so it begun. Teddy and Javvsword locked in together in the studio and out of this collaboration came “BORDERS”, a track taken from their forthcoming project Border Juice.

Teddy comes in on the Javvsword production with an awkward slur, that is at first foreign to the ears, but once he catches the beat – it’s a wrap. The production is hella grouchy, with wobbly synths that are backed by a mean snare and kick. The alternative rap instrumental is otherworldly to say the least and Teddy catches it with an alien like flow, crawling over the dystopian backdrop like a Martian. Directed by Wayne Corporation he helps bring “BORDERS” to another level, with visuals that are trippier than a tab of acid. Teddy says, “the main message in our music is that not everyone lives the presumed Swiss rich lifestyle with a ski trip guaranteed at the end of the year. Pay is high, but the cost of living follows the same pattern”.

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August 10
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