YGG Run A Spartan Jon Phonics And Impey Production Ragged On ‘Strikers’

For the past few years, YGG have been standouts among the newest generation of grime MCs; granted, given that the majority of newer talents have typically taken the solo approach rather than come in as a compact unit with few exceptions, that was going to be easy. Still, it has a lot more to do with the fact that Saint P, PK and Lyrical Strally are among some of the better spitters of their age range and beyond, and they’ve proven it time and time again. With their newest single “Strikers”, it appears that its business as usual for the trio, and that business is crafting rude bangers for hardcore grime fans to appreciate.

So what makes “Strikers” so effective? Well for a start, the instrumental produced by Jon Phonics and Impey is a perfect throwback of the sub-low era, topped off with evil-tinged synth lines and a crispness that’s so clean it glides over a modern soundsystem. Yet as per usual, the beat takes a backstage to three of the most proficient stylists of the day as they trade bars the way us listeners run through cash, eat food, and wonder how the credit bill got so bad. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of PK’s dynamic and insatiable presence, Lyrical Strally’s punchlines, or the technical mastery of Saint P, the group is in peak form and happy to oblige longtime fans or be as capable as ever for anyone late to the party. Let’s just hope that with “Strikers” come even more tunes to smash the rave.

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May 12
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