Youngs Teflon Continues To Kill ‘Em With Consistency On “Fire Water”

For over a decade in the UK rap game, surviving grime, the first wave of Road Rap, and the outbreak of drill, Youngs Teflon has been more than a staple of the genre; he’s been a figurehead. Only perhaps Giggs could claim to have maintained relevancy over multiple periods of the genre and brought in more talent to help keep the scene vital. At the same time, Tef’s consistency has never quite translated into that same level of commercial success. Instead, he’s remained one of the inarguable kings of the underground, able to endure and remain appreciable while more than a few have seemingly rose past him, only to fall by the wayside just as quickly. A great deal of that has been his long-term patronage of one of South London’s greatest minds for rap, super producer Carns Hill, and the duo have united yet again for Teflon’s newest video “Fire Water”.

Featuring scratchy shuffle snares, a mass of punchy bass weight and a light classical piano melody that feels perfect for the wintery chills, Carns keeps the production sparse to allow Tef to take center stage and make his wordplay the crux of attention. More than a few fans have noted similarities in flow here to his friend and affiliate K Trap, but the punchline game is all purely the work of classic Youngs, as he mocks the lack of his foes backbone and compares his email inbox to a ‘trap-phone’ without a care in the world. The record barely clocks in at two minutes with no hook, wasting no time to bring in the bars and get out without a moment to waver in focus and quality. “Fire Water” isn’t going to be the smash of the season by any means, however it’s a nice reminder that Youngs Teflon is still a force to be reckoned with in the scene, and demonstrates no signs that he’s going to fall off despite outlasting nearly everyone else before and beside him.
Words: Maxwell Cavaseno

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March 8
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