Yxng Bane Drops ‘Both Sides’. Cool. When’s The Album Dropping?

Yxng Bane seems continuously on track to grow bigger and bigger as one of the top names in UK Rap thanks to his endless supply of melodic hooks and consistent vibes. It stands to reason that since the arrival of “Vroom” this year, currently reupholstered with a remix by the legendary Beenie Man, the stage seems set for a potential takeover to make him as big a star as say, J Hus managed the year before. Of course, the audience has been starved for new material since the years before have threatened to make him such a breakout star, and one single alone isn’t going to be enough to put Yxng Bane at the top of the game. So thankfully, he’s provided us with a new single entitled “Both Sides” to help whet our appetites while we wait for official word of a longer form project to hopefully showcase the growth of Yxng Bane over the years.

While technically the follow-up to “Vroom”, “Both Sides” feels a lot closer a follow up to the waviness of last year’s K-Trap assisted “Diamonds”. Maybe that’s in part thanks to the visuals, which rely on that old-school video camera grain effect or the loopy, 8-bit style synths firing off behind Bane’s autotuned slur. Bane handles verse and hook duty by himself with ease and helps guide the record without any need for extra assistance this time around, giving us a light jam that feels like a calm roller for any mix or playlist. Now more than ever, the iron feels hot, and we hope to see Yxng Bane get to follow up “Both Sides” with something that will be a lot more to chew on.

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June 14
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