Zilo Releases Debut Project The Nature of The Beast

Essex based singer Zilo may still be a newcomer in the music business, but the release of The Nature of The Beast feels like a long time coming. After putting out (and subsequently removing) a load of promising content off her SoundCloud, such as “Coconut Drive”, “Life” and “Ice Cream”, the talented vocalist, painter and tattoo lover went on a bit of a hiatus to grow and curate her sound. Singles such as “Keep Up Wimmi” and “Don’t Waste My Time” came out and she impressed further, earning a spot on our Breaking Through list. Now she has finally given us a full length project in the form of her debut The Nature of The Beast.

The 10 track project features production from the likes of Marco Bernadis, Jake Milliner, and Barney Lister, and finds the young songstress in a whirlwind of her own thoughts as she recounts feelings and emotions attached to past and present situations. As an avid painter, Zilo has painted all of her music artwork to this day, and has not let up with that expression as she depicts herself in the clutches of a beast. However, she looks at ease as if the beast is a further extension of her character (you know how Gemini people stay). Give The Nature of The Beast a listen above.

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September 5
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