Alqae Release Debut Mixtape: The Surface
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September 13
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New Music

Jiggy Jim, Jonno and Floss three long time friends ooze a lot of what the UK music scene lacks nowadays; personality

From their what can be only described as ‘Jiggy’ sound and flamboyant style the trio are determined to stand out in the crowd.

They navigate a plethora of topics from the grittiness of coming up in South London to some colourful, witty and braggadocios boasting about their evident style.

All three members bring their all unique flavour to make the distinct Alqae sauce, Jonno offers his nimble lyricism, Jiggy Jimmy gives us his ice cool delivery and bravado and Floss brings everything together with his agile style and versatility the same way a cool headed and organised CDM brings to a football team.


These three with their unique style and smooth, jiggy vibe remind us of Dipset with a special South London twist, and it doesn’t take much imagination to see them tearing up old skool NY beats. In the midst of a UK rap scene where everyone sounds very similar these three charismatic and  innovative young men feel like a breath of fresh air, they are determined to stand out and not get lost in the shuffle. Check out their debut project below.