Asco has a sound that reminds me of early French Montana. Like French, the veteran rapper from London Fields has a drawling delivery that sits perfectly on top of the beat, either menacing or making light of the threats being thrown out with convincing ease. Another similarity to early French is that Asco is a technically sound, and very engaging rapper, should you choose to engage him at the deep end of what some would say is a shallow subject matter. His raps are centered around the spoils of ill gotten gains, an insight into the life, the money and most importantly; how the money’s acquired. ‘Straight Drop 3’ is the third installment in a series that started almost a year and a half ago, so either draw your own conclusions as to what was going on in the meantime, or take any number of the well crafted brags at face value.

Mashtown have been producing great music for years, but they’ve never really made the crossover jump to being embraced by the whole scene. J Spades ‘More Money More Pagans’ series arguably lay root to a some of the most critically acclaimed styles we’re seeing today. Margs is another proficient member in the camp who’s coming back, triggering a social media frenzy with the freestyle challenge launched by his recent effort “Pen Game II”. Even the normally behind the scenes Hypo linked up with Suspect to great effect in the not so distant past. This video see’s some of those familiar faces, as well as the likes of Fredo and Ratlin, alongside a comfortable looking Asco, engulfed in gelato smoke in the studio and other expensive looking settings. Really it’s good that Asco could even take the time out to drop this tune, it’s appreciated. Solid start to the year, and we’re gonna watch the Mulli Movement in 2018 closely.
Words: Earsauce