It’s hard to think of an artist that embodies the spirit and combination of sounds within UK urban music more than Stratford’s own J-Hus. His phenomenal debut album Common Sense -released on Black Butter Records and distributed by Epic- is destined to appear around the very top of 2017 end of year lists in the weeks to come, but as one of the most accomplished and influential albums of any newcomer in recent memory, we don’t need 2 or 3 years to pass before going one step further and referring to it by its rightful title; a classic. So it’s only right then that the video for latest single ‘Bouff Daddy’ see’s the Hustler enjoying the fruits of his hard fought labour, with the lavish visuals serving as the perfect victory lap for the incredible past two years or so that have seen him soar to fame.

FilFury does an excellent job as director in catching The Ugliest at his sartorial best, with scenes of Hus celebrating life and all of its material trappings shot with a host of creative and – most importantly for this tune, fun flourishes.  ‘Bouff Daddy’ isn’t the most obvious choice for a single with hits waiting to happen like ‘Plottin’ and the already famous ‘Fisherman’ there in the wings, but the videos inherent fun factor helps to bring out the best qualities in the music, highlighting the volume of quality tracks on Common Sense. Much of the commercial sound of the Hustlers body of work sounds like this, a catchy fusion of domestic English, African and Caribbean dialects and deliveries, used to impart bars full of wit, charm and braggadocio. Hus’s notable catalogue of freestyles speak to his skill as a rapper, but his ability to scale things back and deliver songs shows maturity beyond his years, he’s all hooks and harmonies on this one and it’s to great effect.
Words: Earsauce J