Manga St Hilare – Outbursts From The Outskirts
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May 29
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Outbursts from the outskirts

The Roll Deep Crew legend has been hinting on a new project for a while on twitter and has not disappointed

The project consists of 14 tracks which I like to see as broken down into four quarters; each with an ‘outburst’ skit where Manga gave younger MC’s Izzie Gibbs, Snowy and Maxsta a chance to really battle inner demons and spit some hard hitting bars individually. To hear these guys venting and opening up about the hardships they face makes the overall tone of the project even more relatable. It’s refreshing to see someone who has been in the game so long actively sheding light on a newer generation and also putting some focus on MC’s from outside of London.

Manga has made sure it is known that this is a ‘project’ not an album, and the sheer structural integrity and creativity produced here shows ‘Outbursts from the Outskirts’ can really hold its own amongst all the great releases we’ve seen this year. It retains a genuine and honest grime sound but does not compromise their own unique musical nuances. Manga exhibits his lyrical ability over a variety of beats but also shows his capability to deliver bars over a range of intricate and testing beats, this makes for a compelling message as this project tells a story of perseverance.

Mikill Pane sets the tone on the first track ‘En Dehors’ and gives a voice to all of the MC’s whose music haven’t broken the mainstream, but still remain an integral part of the culture.

This is followed by ‘Outsiderism’ where Manga affirms the fact that he has earned his own stripes and respect in the grime scene and doesn’t need to ‘rest on the name’ of his crew.

This track along with ‘Slew’ and ‘Never been’ carry a fiery pace and focus on resilience and self confidence.

Track 5 ‘Different Pattern’ features veterans JME and President T this classic computer game inspired track has been a main stay on radio recently, its very reminiscent of old skool grime music, Lewi B revisited the track for the project and added some new features to the beat as well as a fresh verse from Mercston. Manga has been known for showing love and uplifting women and ‘My One/ God Save The Queens’ is an ode to the special woman in Manga’s life. It’s a refreshing feature to hear an MC simply adorn his lover in admiration.

‘Young’ featuring Jammz, explores the struggle of maintaining a relationship while navigating the awkward time period which is youth. It’s a reflective track, of self reflection which seems to be a running motif in the project, this track shows growth and a shift in mentality sparked by growth, the track features a nod to Sharky Major’s classic verse on the remix of Dizzee Rascal’s legendary ‘I Luv U’ on a cool and laid back instrumental.

Other guests include P money, Flowdan, Jamakabi, Grim Sickers, Traxx and Novelist. An intriguing and what seems very sincere array of MCs from various eras who all bring their own signature touch to the project.

‘Outburst’ ties everything together and rounds off the project nicely. Manga is honest and introspective in a raw account of his experiences as an MC, weaving through the highs and lows being in the grime scene.

Lewi B and Manga have yet again proved that they are a musical match made in grime heaven. These guys make it look effortless the way they seamlessly put together this collaborative piece of work. The instrumentals fit Manga’s flows perfectly and Lewi B’s evident talent really shines through. He can only be highly commended for his hard work having single handedly produced the whole thing.
Words: Nicoletta Episcopou