Young Adz & Dirtbike LB Show Out At The Shard
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January 11
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New Music

2017’s explosion in UK music seems to have brought life to a whole new batch of artists. One of the main benefactors has been D Block Europe, who’s popularity soared last year as they appeared to find a foothold in the autotune rap lane. But the group are no newcomers when it comes to making it in the scene. Lewisham’s Young Adz is a successful independent artist in his own right, rapping since 13 and showcasing his talents in the early days of online U.K. music platforms before eventually being noticed by Jadakiss and forming the D Block Europe chapter of the legendary New York outfit.

The successes of the group have been somewhat overlooked in comparison to similar acts until quite recently with recent bangers such as “Large Amounts” and “Traphouse” gaining millions of views via GRM Daily. The numbers are hard to ignore and their consistency has been shown again with recently released song, “The Shard”. The tune follows the same pattern as the aforementioned tracks with Young Adz and Dirtbike LB finessing a formula heavily influenced by the likes of Future and Young amongst others. The chorus carries the track, another example of simplified excellence from Young Adz, whose penchant for tossing out memorable hooks grows with every tune. The video itself is another iteration of the material trappings in the music, showing the two in buss down Rolexe’s, big chains and Balmain and Valentino attire from head to toe. Their wave is carrying itself and the street buzz seems to be translating to the internet. Is 2018 going to be a long awaited success year for D Block Europe to be embraced on a larger scale? Let’s see
Words: Earsauce