Adidas Football Creator Base: Not3s + Fredo In Shoreditch

Unless you live under a rock, you’d know that we are in the early days of the World Cup. Because of this, many organisations are going football mad with their promotion and marketing, Adidas quite rightly so, are one of the big brands with a natural affinity for football. Because of this, over 50 of their influencers are around the world promoting for the sportswear giant. But enough about the politics, the post must go on! Between the 14th and 18th of June, Adidas threw a number of shows featuring performances from the likes of Playboi Carti, Bakar, IAMDDB, D-Block Europe and more. This was all to promote their Adidas Football Creator Base, appropriate given the time of year we are in. I was fortunate to get tickets for the Not3s and Fredo show so I will run through how that was.

After the needless queuing and trying to stream the Spain vs Portugal game outside (an actual headache when you have 22% battery) I walked into the venue only to watch the second half of the match on the biggest screen I’ve seen in a while. The warm up host and instrumentalists did their best to keep the vibes going as drinks were flowing and football crazed fans witnessed Cristiano Ronaldo get the best of a seemingly rattled David De Gea. Once the show started, the lovely DJ Tiffany Calver got on the decks and gave a good account of herself to people unaware of the Kiss FM DJ’s prowess.

She ran through a whole host of bangers old and new, despite the fact that the event was held in a bloody sauna! Tunes like Baka’s ‘Live Up To My Name’, A$AP Mob’s ‘RAF’ and Headie One & RV’s ‘Know Better’ were pumping out of the harsh speakers. It was a party and it was fitting that me and my mate Miles walked in the venue to rising star Octavian’s ‘Party Here’. I’ve seen tweets complaining about the lack of natural vibes at these Adidas events but I’m here to tell you that I didn’t experience such because of Tiffany’s Serato that balanced old bangers with the new. ‘March Madness’ played and I spilled beer on myself like a big baby. But enough self-depreciation, after a while West London’s own Fredo took to the stage and the young rapper was far from fazed.

Assisted by Tiffany Calver on the decks, Fredo bopped out on stage to his popular ‘Tables Turn’ intro ‘Rappin’ & Trappin’. He had his vocals playing with the instrumental but he didn’t need them as he confidently delivered his bars to a sea of screaming girls. The only difference is that he was draped in Adidas and not his usual designer drip. Even I was shocked but this was an Adidas event after all. Tiffany then spun ‘Like That’ and everyone was catching the most vibes and reciting lyrics. Miles told me he didn’t know any of the lyrics but he was enjoying the show, plus the free Budweiser helped!

Fredo puts energy in his music but shows constraint when he performs as he moved with a bop that was weighed down by his chain and signature Freddo Frog pendant. His performance was brief but did manage to give off the energy he received when he performed ‘Change’ and ‘They Ain’t 100’, mixing the Afroswing infused vibes with a haunting piano backed by some infectious bass. He set pace with a great alley oop for Not3s, who is gearing up to release ‘Take Notes 2’ on the 13th of July this year.

Tiffany once again blessed the decks and managed the crowd with a quiet flair as you got a feel for what she was executing like Isco in the Spanish midfield. Chief Keef’s ‘Don’t Like’ had the venue jumping in a lightly scattered mosh as dreads and accessories shook in harmony. Reeks MB’s ‘Blueprint’’, More Fire Crew’s ‘Oi’, and the legendary D Double E’s ‘Bad To The Bone (Woo Riddim)’ all had their time as the vibe was maintained as the crowd waited for the rapper/singer to take the stage.

The wait wasn’t long as the charismatic young artist and his DJ came out to perform his verse on ‘Bad’ a banger created by none other than producer Steel Banglez. He came out to a raucous applause from the ladies and instantly got into ‘100 Degrees’ off of the ‘Take Not3s EP’. Predictably, the stage was set for Not3s and Fredo to perform their popular collab ‘YRF’, which was well received by the crowd as melodies and grit were paired well on this occasion. Briefly, Not3s invited a lady to sing and well… let’s just say it got a little embarrassing and he poked fun at the would be singer haha! Everyone swiftly moved on as the DJ played another Not3s and Fredo collab in ‘Hating’ off of the latter’s early 2018 release ‘Tables Turn’.

Not3s showed his growing stage presence and improving his live vocals in a climate where people like Ramz are being unfairly hounded because of technical difficulties, which can happen to anybody. Appropriately the show finished with him ‘Aladdin’ and his breakout hit ‘Addison Lee’ and the young boy got his adulation. On a personal level, that was one of the better Adidas events of the week and I’m quite pleased that I didn’t struggle to get tickets. It was a good event that showcased the variety of young, emerging talent that we have in London. From the DJ’s to the artists, we had it good and they can only get better.

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June 22
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