Dripset – Dripset Vol 1

I first came across Manchester rap group Dripset on single ‘Sprite’- the first drop of sauce from their debut EP Dripset, Vol 1. The Manny crew is comprised of Sleazy, KDon and Culps, and this EP marks the team’s first stamp on the game. Listening to the tape is like entering a derelict trap house, which has been hastily converted into a popping squat party. So get yourself prepared and enter the Dripset trap bonanza with me.

As soon as we step foot into the house we’re hit by the eery, melodic organ keys of first track ‘Dope’; the production on this is ultra spooky, and the savage squad float all over it with their autotune rhymes about the trap life. Make a bee line for the kitchen and suddenly the bright lights of ‘Photo’ come through. The vibe goes from haunted to chilled as KDon provides a wavy chorus centred on the come up of a rapper and how when you get yourself in the limelight, “she wanna take a photo”. The ethereal production on this one is beautifully atmospheric, but we’re quickly ripped from that pillowy dream and transported to a dystopian nightmare, with Culps war chat ushering in the thumping, oriental drill of ‘Stick’, which see’s the team leave the flexing in favour of full on crud.

At this point the trap house party is getting too much, so what happens next? The Dripset crew are relentless and turn up the levels even higher with ‘Sprite’, pulling us further into their demented world. Sleazy spearheads the charge on this track, all destructive bass and gothic synths, spitting stories off pulling up and flexing in the cold north.

As we draw to the end of Dripset’s trap house party, ‘Boominati’ is blared out of the speakers and this one is truly a vibe. If there’s a track destined to be an anthem on the tape it’s this one, and it wraps up proceedings in fine fashion. Leaving the crazy compound that is Dripset Vol 1, we come across ‘Foreign’, and for me a weird looking, exotic car is a good metaphor to describe this track. The song has potential to be a heater, but I feel the overused auto tune, slightly messes up the final product. Other than that, I can say Dripset Volume 1 left me dancing, dabbing and milly rocking in my yard, with the set curating a solid project.
Words: Denzil Bell

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March 23
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Album Review