Anjelo Disons at The Macbeth, Hoxton

The reinvigoration that the UK R&B scene has seen in recent years has been a wonderful thing to behold as various different R&B acts whether contemporary or experimental have been flourishing. Artists whether independent or part of a label have been selling, getting streamed and getting booked for shows alike as we continue to see the genre go from strength to strength. On Wednesday night, I had the pleasure of witnessing such as I caught 19 year old singer-songwriter Anjelo Disions’ live show and EP launch for his soulful effort titled For The Love.

It has been three long years since the release of The Awakening EP, but hearing his enthusiasm at being able to release a new project shone through when he finally made it on stage. He wore a smile as powerful as the morning sunshine as he expressed that love drove him to making this EP. Without prompt he expanded, describing love as his reason for doing anything in life. The intimate show saw him backed by his live band and music collective called The Oracle, who excel across many mediums including instruments (guitar, piano, saxophone) and singing.

His show was a celebration of this journey of love, a small, intimate setting that saw him revel in his hard work in the company of many familiar faces to him. The young South Londoner kicked off proceedings with “The Love” led by the voices of everyone involved in this EP answering Anjelo’s ever eternal question. The warm, soulful vocals are laid on an instrumental which is carried by some of the most precise piano playing you’ll ever hear from Lorenz Okello, a skilled pianist and fellow bandmate in The Oracle. You will hear his work on the keys and see it as a strong constant on the EP as it highlights the young crooner’s ear for instrumentation and love of live music. It set the tone for the evening as Anjelo encouraged the small crowd to embrace love and positive energy.

In fact, the whole EP follows this dialogue as three out of five song titles contain the word ‘love’ and the subject matter. “Angels” finds Anjelo describing the qualities of his lover with his unique voice, beautifully painting a picture as to how she gets him through the day. Singer Alrie follows suit with a verse that matches the energy given off by her bandmate as they tap into more traditional influences within R&B and soul. The live instrumentation in his performance and on the EP give the project more weight, more of an authentic, soulful feel and you could see the effort that was put in during a passionate performance of the second track titled “For The Love”.

For the title track, Anjelo brought out his collaborator and fellow singer/songwriter Hamzaa, who is fresh off of appearing on the Jools Holland Show and is prepping for the release of First Signs of Me. Their collaboration is as authentic as palm trees in Los Angeles and their joint performance did not disappoint, their voices float over the soft, soul clap led instrumental. Their synergy ever apparent as the duet works off of the energy given by both artists.

To close the show, Anjelo showed his class by giving the spotlight to his bandmates. Everyone on stage got a solo slot in which they showed what they bring to The Oracle. It did not disappoint as we heard jazz influenced solo cuts including two impressive saxophone performances and an awesome display on the drums, the guitars (shout out Finn) and even his backing singers got in on the act too. All in all, For The Love EP doesn’t disappoint and is a wonderful departure from the textbook lothario approach. As Anjelo continues to put his passion first and make progressive strides in his journey, we will no doubt see more to come from him.

Check out his For The Love EP above.

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October 19
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