Loski at 02 Academy Islington

I went to K Trap’s headline show in the O2 Academy Islington last November and he brought out an unusual 18 year old to warm he crowd up for him. A slender young man came on stage and performed one song to make the crowd go crazy. It was Loski’s first live performance upon coming out of prison, yet his performance of ‘Teddy Bruckshot’ was captivating due to his cocky nature and stage presence. More importantly, he moved with the air of a boy who was beyond his tender years. Six months later and it came time for Harlem O’s own poster boy to shell down his own sold out headliner. Courtesy of my plug at an entertainment company that I can’t name, I got to witness Loski’s show as he stands on the cusp of greatness.

I stepped in and was taken aback by the young crowd; it took me back to my young days raving in Vauxhall’s Club Life when it was still open. Then I had to remember that Loski himself turned 19 this month so it made sense that the turnout was so young. The exuberance of the crowd was matched by Loski’s DJ, B dot, as he ran though bangers such as ‘Know Better’, ‘God’s Plan’ and teased us by playing ‘Hazards’; regarded by many to be not only one of Loski’s best tunes but one of the best UK Drill tunes period.

Kenny Allstar took over from there and held it down with a lengthy but engaging set that showcased the best of the best from the UK Rap scene. He couldn’t help himself by playing a couple of Drake songs in the form of ‘Blem’, ‘KMT’ and ‘God’s Plan’. It felt appropriate though; given Drake’s relentless co-signing and citations of his lyrics all over Instagram (you honestly can’t knock the 6 God’s enthusiasm).

After the crowd goaded Kenny Allstar over the length of his set (it seemed to drag a tad bit) Loski finally put us out of our misery, coming out in a bright red Balmain tee and black hoodie to the aforementioned ‘Hazards’. As he strutted around the stage with his mic in one hand and water bottle in the other hand, the young driller rose to the occasion and performed with an air of confidence. His DJ played backing tracks with vocals but Loski didn’t need them at all, his breath control was measured and he almost always managed to get out his lyrics.

Loski had a few surprises for us; he remembered the concept of going full circle by bringing out K Trap at his headline show to perform ‘David Blaine’. As if that wasn’t enough, GRM Daily’s Posty came out and brought North London’s talented Avelino and East London mainstay Asco to perform ‘London’s Calling’ with Loski. At this point the crowd were energised and excited, they were no longer agitated at how long it took Drilloski to come out, but rather grateful at what he was pulling out of his bag. Asco chipped in again with a performance of his new banger ‘So Litt’ surrounded by green lights that appeared like lasers, perhaps done on purpose to symbolise the precision of Asco’s performance. He brought out Headie One!!! I can’t ever forget that he brought out the OFB spitter to perform ‘Drill’, ‘Banter On Me’ and the ever popular ‘Know Better’.

But the surprise that took the cake was Loski bringing out his boy Bellz during his performance of one of his best songs ‘Money & Beef’. The rapper and his boy brought out £2,000 in two stacks of £5 notes and threw them out at the excited crowd. “Bellz just took an L but Bellz just made it back” was the bird call as Loski made the O2 Academy look like the King of Diamonds. The flagrance of a boy of his age to be throwing such amounts of money into the crowd was crazy. But this adds to his stage presence; he is cocky, assured and confident of his abilities.

Loski performed a lot of songs from his debut project ‘Call Me Loose’ but the performance was anything but. He is a matured performer beyond his years and is set to hit greater heights if he keeps his head down and focuses on the music which is doing good things for him already. His finale shows that he is taking steps to pursue music with performances of ‘Forrest Gump’ and ‘Cool Kid’; two songs that display commercial sensibilities whilst capturing the essence of what Loski is about.

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May 15
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