Hardy Caprio at O2 Forum, Kentish Town

Earlier this week I attended Hardy Caprio‘s headline show and it was an absolute movie. Over the last couple of years, he has given us a steady stream of hits, such as: ‘Unsigned’ (which has since gone gold); ‘Rapper’ (which is on it’s way to going gold) and most recently ‘Best Life’ (which has just gone silver) and this headline show highlighted that he has a very bright future ahead of him.

But first, before I talk about the electric vibes of the show, I have to get to the shenanigans. So as I enter the room, a heatwave hits me like I’m stepping of the plane in Morocco. The place is like a flipping boiler room. But the crowd doesn’t care; the energy is scintillating and everyone is buzzing like a bee in anticipation for NSG, who are the first act on.

The anticipation is met in proper fashion, as NSG come out like an army, dressed down in camo, bursting out with the anthemic ‘Pushing Up’. The skanks they are producing are a madness and their African heritage truly shines through with the tribal dances they are doing on stage. They finish off their show by bringing out the up and coming Afrobeats artist Swarmz, who performs ‘Lyca’ to the crowd’s delight.

Tanveer Arayan

After NSG’s mad stage show, it is now a waiting game. According to Hardy Caprio, black men don’t cheat, but on top of that, black men aren’t on time as well. We sit waiting for Tion Wayne, like hungry children awaiting their fix of porridge. But it’s Hardy that comes out and he makes an entrance amongst a blaze of lights. He starts his performance off with the nostalgic throwback ‘#Hollywood (Take Three)’, which he then switches up with a dirty infusion of Ruff Sqwad’s ‘Pied Piper Instrumental’.

Throughout his show, the energy is live-wire but it’s about to get even crazier — Tion Wayne comes out to his back on road anthem, ‘Home’, which is like déjà vu of him coming home from jail and all is forgiven for his previous actions. Following this, Hardy brings out his partner in crime, One Acen, to perform my tune ‘E I O’ and at this moment, me and everyone else are singing along word for word. Hardy Caprio then proceeds to deliver us hit after hit; first it’s ‘Unsigned’, which served as his breakout single, then it’s the wavy wonder ‘Super Soaker’ and he ends the show appropriately with ‘Best Life’, as I can see that he is currently living this before our very eyes.

Hardy’s night has been full of successes, but its doesn’t end there. After the show, he finds out that his latest track ‘Best Life’ has just gone Silver, further highlighting that this rap star will be a force to be reckoned with for a long time coming.

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October 19
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