IAMDDB – Flightmode Vol. 4

Now lets be frank. IAMDDB has got the Peri-Peri sauce at the moment. The drip is strong in her. The 0161 star has been on a tremendous run this year, coming off the back of the critically acclaimed, Hoodrich Vol. 3, the third installment in her brood of volumes. The project included “Shade”, a trap anthem for the ages, which propelled her into the stratosphere and set her on the path to flight mode.

In the year following Hoodrich‘s release, she has shutdown many a festival stage, with her trap infused jazz and in addition to this, the Manchester songstress has dropped visuals for all of the project’s cuts, exhibiting a work rate comparable to Chelsea’s N’Golo Kanté. But as if this wasn’t enough- just when we thought there was a bump in her ascent, following her recent back and forth with Steff London- she unleashed manna from the skies, blessing us with her latest offering, Flightmode Vol. 4.

She commences proceedings with “Azul (Blue)”, speaking in her native tongue of Portuguese, beautifully shining a light on her Angolan origins. The Sango like beat  smoothly flows into the next one- appropriately named “Waterfall”- as the minimal, yet atmospheric production washes over you like a soulful sonic wave. She uses her voice as an instrument, threading her way through the jazzy backdrop and is vocally mesmeric, as she introspectively laments over a lover who’s call she is waiting on.

Next up is one of the volume’s shiners, in the shape of “Thots” (With a name like that it better be a standout). The lo-fi science fiction production, created by French producer Richie Beats, allows IAMDDB to take us to the outer galaxies, crooning “Tell me do you like what you see”. Yes DDB. We love it. 

With her sauce levels now on 100, it’s only right “Drippy” is dropped on us like an atomic bomb. This one is different from IAMDDB and she sits atop bendy G-funk synths, rapping over the snappy kicks with melodies that are jazzier than the great Nat King Cole. The 22-year-old artist really set levels with this cut, showing that she is a force to be reckoned with. But with her it’s not just about the art, she’s also qualified for that money talk, as she highlights on “Loose Change”. The mosh-pit inducer is a trap wave, and she flows nicely over the trippy instrumental, spraying bars about securing the bag. And with her recently calling 100k cute, this is not a surprise.

It seems like making money moves is common place for IAMDDB now, as she sweetly sings about getting that shmoney on “Kurr£ncy”- a chilled out and electronic vibe. The ambiance of the beat, coupled with DDB’s spellbinding vocals, emits a Xanax like feeling over the listener. We now reach the twilight of the tape and in comes the dulcet lullaby, “Moonlight”, like a thief in the night. Produced by frequent collaborator Deiago, IAMDDB shines bright on this one, effortlessly gliding over the angelic harp strums; her voice is otherworldly as she sings to the moon. She then ends the night flight with “XOX” and as if we were in a lucid dream, we are guided out with the sombre ballad centered around falling for the one, whilst attempting to fight the magnetic pull of this love.

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July 11
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