J Beatz – Birthday Beatz
Mode FM DJ & producerJ Beatz celebrated his 26th birthday by collecting 6 unreleased tracks from 2009-2017 for a quick EP titled “Birthday Beatz”.

Founder of independent record label Crown Jules and well as Mode FM DJ & producer J Beatz has a reputation of being one of the most respected individuals within the scene. Recently the artist celebrated his 26th birthday and released a quick EP titled “Birthday Beatz” containing 6 unreleased tracks that go back all the way to 2009. The EP starts off incredibly strong with “Golders Green” perhaps a textbook example of what J Beatz is able to do as a producer. An acidic bassline that cuts through the tune, anxious strings that pile on the tension and of course the heavy drums that the producer is known for. From the production techniques on display it could be assumed that this is the oldest beat of the bunch, but even then it shows how the producers sound was already fully formed and quite daring from the very beginning.

The best song on the “Birthday Beatz” has to be the giddy rollercoaster ride of “Bass Cannon R.I.P.” a remake of the 2011 Flux Pavilion dubstep tune of the same name. The combination of cowbell and xylophone and the beginning, lure in the listener with its gesturing towards the sounds of early 00s Garage before the bassline crashes its way in. “Road Affiliated” is probably the most eerie sounding beat of the collection based around an unrecognizable murmur of a vocal sample the song only seems to get creepier from there; the jet black bassline on this tune seems to consume the vocal sample, adding to the overall tense atmosphere as well as sharpening the knife edge aggression of the tune. This is the kind of beat that grime MC’s hunger for in that it has enough presence to stand out on its own but not too much so that it doesn’t overshadow whoever is rhyming on top of it.

There is a surprise at the end of the EP in the form of a vocal track titled “Cant Tell Me Nothing” featuring grime legends Hitman Hyper and God’s Gift, with triumphant strings and a slower tempo it could be argued that the tune sounds more similar to UK hip hop but the confidence and carnage within Hyper’s verses and Gift’s bashment style hook quickly remind the listener what genre of music this is and how amorphous it can be. Even though it’s a free release on the part of J Beatz’s generosity, this EP is worth every penny it deserves not only because is it’s a milestone of what has been a storied career, it is also a collection of fiery tunes that leaves to the listeners imagination as to what else the producer has in his archives.

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July 19
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