MikeSkater – Foreign Myth
Foreign Myth is MikeSkater's debut tape, but the release and his previous body of work reveals a signature style of luscious, dreamy trap compositions.

MikeSkater is a versatile rapper/singer who was born and raised in Zaandam, Holland until the age of 11, where he then moved to London. The 22 year old MC has always had music around him, as he grew up in a house where various genres such as hip-hop, R&B and Dutch music were played; this would go onto influence his melodic style. He made the transition from being a fan of music, to actually making his own in 2016, which was only for fun at first, but when he came together with the Foreign Pack (a group of like-minded artists, videographers, sound engineers, producers and fashion designers) he started to take it more serious, as the shows started to rack up for the group. This culminated into him having a solid stack of music, which in turn became his debut project, Foreign Myth.

MikeSkater commences the project with “Intro/Loading”, which is like the start of an auditory journey and the slapping bass, coupled with MikeSkater’s auto-tuned voice gets you nicely pumped up for the expedition. Next is “See Me”: think of Enrique Iglesias meets Travis Scott and that’s the track we have at hand. The trap beat is booming and is layered with enticing Spanish guitar licks, which Mike floats over telling his haters to see him. I’d say the beginning of the tape is very alternative, but “Radio Killer” sounds like a song that could work in the mainstream, which he firmly believes as he spits about taking over the radio airwaves. The production could nicely sit in the afroswing genre – but his voice is reminiscent of when you used to sing into the fan as a young buck – yet somehow he makes it pleasing on the ears.

“Wash Tha Car” is appropriately named, as both Mike and Cosmo come in with a fluid and wavy flow. They go back to back, with the same venom as AR-AB and Dark Lo, riding the beat with supreme ease whilst lacing it with bars about flexing with the mandem. “Been On” switches things back to a softer leaning sound with it pop sensibilities. But the cracking 808 reminds us of its true nature. It’s something of a trap ballad with its dulcet piano keys, which Mike smoothly sings over about an old flame that had his heart. The “Butterflies Interlude” continues the love theme, as he croons about a sweet one who gives him butterflies in his stomach and how this feeling is vice versa. This one has an R&B vibe, but with a gritty edge created by Mike’s hard-hitting lyrics.

As we approach the middle of Foreign Myth, we are hit with a filler. “Against the World” is another track talking about a love interest, but this time he got did dirty by her and he sings of his pain over choppy electric guitar synths. “She don’t really want me no ooh ooh” he sings, as he laments about what could have been. After going a bit off track, he comes strong with “Ss18”. This one possesses MikeSkater’s signature style: luscious and dreamy trap compositions, backed by lyrics filled with love, lust and despair. “Sound Like” is alright, but is another one that could have been left off, as it sounds a bit too much like a remake of a Lil Uzi song. This is something they both realise, as they rap about sounding like him, over an otherworldly instrumental, lathered with distorted violin strings and the beloved flute toots.

“Fight” is back to how I like it and is a head nodding trap boomer, straight out of the bandoes of Atlanta. With its Zone 6 feel, he flows over warm keys atop pied piper like flutes, rapping about how his girl always want to fight (verbally) – we’ve all been there. “Rock the Boat” featuring Cosmo sees MikeSkater changing the tide, moving from trap and advancing to a more tropical, dancehall production – something to get the chicks’ tail feathers shaking – and he and Cosmo weave in and out of the bouncy beat, as they call all women to rock their boats.

As the ship comes to dock, we get to the “Outro/Skater-Line” and the morphed organ keys combined with the snappy drum kicks, sound like something Zaytoven could have cooked up. Over the production he talks about how women keep calling him Skater and the album ends with a deranged girl drunk calling him and spilling out all of her emotions on the phone. Over the tape, MikeSkater gives us a lot of different sounds from afroswing beats, to dancehall vibes. But I’d say most of Foreign Myth consists of trappy sonics and with it, MikeSkater adds another notch to the UK trap genre that is slowly but surely bubbling in Britain.

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August 30
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