Mist – Diamond In The Dirt

Birmingham artist Mist is a man of the people, and his music has allowed him to make a strong connection with the supporters since the infamous P110 freestyle which served as his wider introduction to the game. His influence in the UK urban music scene has been steadily rising in the two years since then, looking at his state of the art visuals and the views they attract, it’d be an understatement to say people are feeling his wave. If we analyse his first EP, M I S to the T, we can see that the major singles he released highlighted different aspects of Mist. ‘Sickmade’ showed him working his way up from the mud, and exhibits Mist before he became the polished diamond which we see today.  Then with the anthem ‘Karlas Back’, we see him introducing the track with the trademark shout-out of all his “Apnas, karlas, and goras”, bringing all the races together and showing that he wants everyone from everywhere to feel him. Finally the ridiculously rinsed ‘Ain’t The Same’ saw Mist as the diamond in full effect, his crowning moment so to speak.

Following the first tape, Mist took a bit of a break in terms of music output, leaving fans to snack on ‘Hot Property’ and ‘Madness’ before fully shaking up the scene with the beautifully shot ‘Game Changer’, and with the release of this track he announced that his second EP, Diamond In The Dirt, would be coming soon. With the heat ‘Game Changer’ brought, people were expecting a lot from Diamond In The Dirt. Mist does not disappoint. The first three tracks ‘Dreams to Reality’, ‘On It (feat. Nines)’ and ‘Uber (feat MoStack)’, highlight his rapping skills, especially the track featuring MoStack, where the back and forth chemistry between the two takes the track to the next level.

We then move swiftly into the middle of the tape, the part I’d refer to as the bona fide hit section. ‘Game Changer’, features an out of this world contribution from long time collaborator and album exec producer Steel Banglez, plus an insane music video to match, with Mist choosing the African savannah as the backdrop to spit his game changing bars. ‘Wish Me Well (feat. Jessie Ware’) is a pop ready track on the surface, but Mist still manages to sneak the medicine in with sugar, lacing the song with inspirational lyrics of his rise from the dirt. ‘Display Skills’ is the standout track in the run of tracks for me, and on this one Mist receives a well placed outlet pass from Mr Eazi before alley ooping it up for Fekky who comes in and slam dunks the whole thing into oblivion. It’s an afro-swing party starter and really showcases Mist’s versatility, with him flowing over the afrobeats production with consummate ease.

The last part of the EP literally sounds like a victory lap. ‘Fountain (feat. Haile)’ see’s Mist reflecting over his journey to diamond status, with Haile providing a stellar feature. Following up with ‘Order It In’, Mist recruits yet another heavy hitting crooner in the shape of Not3s, who is slowly but surely becoming the hook king in our scene. 

For closing track, ‘Most Pit’, Mist and MoStack take a sharp left, spitting over a mosh-pit ready beat produced by Swifta Beater. The instrumental is grimier than a festival toilet, and the two harness the crazy production and spit lyrics of venom, with an insanely rapid flow that will get the party gassed up in no time.  Whether you’re reflecting over life on your ones or out clubbing with your best mates, Mist has got something for you on this tape.
Words: Denzil Bell

Diamond In The Dirt is available to stream/purchase on Spotify/iTunes now

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February 12
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