RDX (RD & Mr X) – Think Twice

Grime in the last year or two has seen the mainstream spotlight shift away from the genre and in favour of the sounds and advancements going on within UK Rap and Afrobeats. That doesn’t mean that people have stopped making grime, on the contrary there are still artists working within the genre who’re pushing the sound forward on their own terms, sticking to it in spite of its perceived lack of popularity. Take Time, an EP by East London brothers RD & Mr X is a perfect example of that.

These two MCs have been on sets and making tunes as far back as 2011, and while they’re perfectly capable of working on their own just fine, they bring out the best in each other when working together, something this EP seems set to prove. The first song “Call My Phone” is a brisk hard hitting jolt of confrontation aimed at enemies and haters. “RDX Bro Flow” produced by Scholar with its shuffling drums and alien sounding bass brings flashbacks of Ruff Sqwad instrumentals from the middle part of the last decade, particularly the ones produced by Rapid.

But the best song on the EP has to be the Filthy Gears produced “Everyting”. What starts off with brief unsettling strings quickly morphs into a shrieking organ and skittering hi-hats which RD is somehow able to ride with no issue. The last song on the EP, title track “Think Twice”, originally came out as far back as 2015 and serves as a showcase of what RD and X are able to do when showcasing their skippy flows, assaulting the listener with a flurry of punchlines, wordplay and call-outs to inferior foes.

If anything it is a testament to the resilience of grime in that it has lasted this long while many other sounds over the years (funky, dubstep) have had swift rises and demoralising falls. The sound of grime itself has kept on moving along regardless of whether people were paying attention or not, and EP’s like this prove that there is still stuff worth paying attention to and that there’s still life in the tank. It also works as a good introduction to two particularly good MCs.

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June 15
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