Virgil Hawkins & CWBY – Planet Pod
Virgil Hawkins links up with CWBY for Planet Pod, a slick project where the two artists fuse woozy melodies, charged-up verses and high-octane beats

Earlier this year, Virgil Hawkins released his debut album, Milly Rocking to the Wrong Thingsa luscious concoction of atmospheric trap ballads, ethereal melodies and slapping 808s. The cloud rap orientated tape was a revelation and managed to set him apart from the brood of young rappers currently coming out of London.

The project also included “Switch”, featuring long time collaborator CWBY. The song is an epic trap boomer and sees the two trading bars back and forth, finding pockets in the trumpet-laden beat with the skill of the Artful Dodger. But the two weren’t finished there. Thankfully they have linked up once again for a fresh two-track release, Planet Pod.

The dangerous duo launch things off with “The 5eason”, an uplifting anthem which sits atop dreamy synths, backed by snappy hi-hats. Produced by Yxng Jynn, Virgil Hawkins comes in with a sweet sounding harmony and effortlessly alley oops it for CWBY to deliver a powerful and inspiring verse, where he boasts “King of the castle, so call me T’challa, Black Panther, sing like Sampha, read Manga, please don’t provoke me to anger”.

They then shift gears with “Planet Pod”, going back to back over a bed of industrial and mechanical sounds. CWBY’s beat is as gritty as it gets, and he spews lyrics to match, spraying, “fathers hide your daughters, the gang in close quarters”, with Virgil Hawkins adding, “in my heyday was a savage, you see these days I smoke cabbage”.

Overall, Planet Pod is a slick project filled with charged-up verses and high-octane beats, which come together to create an alluring oeuvre. The two tracks also highlight the pair’s versatility and chemistry, giving me great hope that they will be able build on the growing hype, that is currently galvanizing around their alternative rap style.

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July 13
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