Kinkai The Interview Part One

Introducing Kinkai, the poetic rapper representing the northern soul movement, coming out of Manchester

KinKai is a hip-hop MC from Manchester, and he uses rap as a platform to get his thoughts out, over jazzy instrumentals. The best place to get an introduction of KinKai, is his debut EP Distortions, which dropped in 2015. This project is a jazzy and smooth rendition, layered with in depth story-telling, about growing up in the cold North.

More recently Kinkai dropped his follow up EP, Mellow Mermaids and Malibu, so we used this opportunity to link up with the poetic rapper and talk about growing up on Bunny Mac, how he developed his mellow style and we also spoke on his mystery mermaid.

Check out part 1 of the interview below.




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December 5
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