No Lay is no holds barred in brand new NFTR interview

One of Britain’s most well-known female rappers, No Lay decided to reveal all on interview platform NFTR. No Lay who is known for her musical skills as well as her outspokenness, set the record straight on her brand new NFTR interview.

No Lay proudly declared that she feels she’s one of the best artists and is the best female rapper in the UK. The opinionated rapper also revealed about tensions between her and Birmingham’s Lady Leshurr. No Lay said that she had thought up of the title Queen Speech years ago, and was now confused when Lady Leshurr named her freestyles after that. No Lay also opened up about her devastating car crash, and how some artists in the scene made catty comments about her ordeal. No Lay also revealed her vulnerable side when discussing domestic abuse. The rapper recently released a video Dancing With the Devil that addresses domestic abuse.

Words: Ella Jukwey